Tuesday, 8 August 2017

White is the new 'new'

House hunting and I love looking at the interior design styling.

My husband and I have noticed that most houses we 'love' are painted in it's entirety in white. Floor to ceiling.

It makes sense, white gives a fresh look, keeps it looking modern, helps it appear clean and large and most importantly it makes the home look new.

Take a look at a couple below ... even in a cottage style home, the place looks newly renovated.

Image via: Elle Decor

Image via: Pinterest

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Image via: Pinterest
Image result for white walls in home 
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

This is how France does it

When you find something you love 

I bought this magazine, House & Garden because it ran a special, two for one. One was recipes which I never looked at but placed it to the chef in our household, my husband and the other, House & Garden for me.

That's what we do when we buy magazines right? We pamper ourselves with a little bit of promised relaxed time.

What I wasn't expecting, was to find something I absolutely love.

I opened to this page and just love, love, love this background (picture below). It is absolutely stunning and one day soon, in my dream home I will have a stone wall similar. I just absolutely love, love, love this stone wall. 

This is a hotel in France. Please let me come and stay and be whisked in this romantic setting forever. When I go to France I will be sure to come and visit and write a beautiful story inspired by this beautiful location.

The magazine also shows the interior designs of their rooms and every part is styled, from the walls to the ceiling and even sides of the wall to create a luxurious space like no other. 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Decluttering works

One full day to declutter

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Image via: patrickgamble.co.uk 

So it came to a point that I was just over our house. Every room felt cluttered and I just didn't feel good about being at home. I even googled, help I need to declutter my home. I read blogs about how not to do one big clean but I just couldn't spend twenty minutes decluttering each day for our home to be a home. I needed it done today. I hate decluttering and I hate wasting time on it, so for one day I was going to be ruthless.  I like space and I need space to breathe, so I woke up one morning, put on my joggers and decided today I was going to clean out the house for good.

This is how I decluttered my home in a day

I got out the rubbish bags and started with the floor. I told the kids to pick up all their toys and put them in the boxes in the corner. I picked up all the rubbish and recycling from all the floors.

I started with the kitchen. It's amazing how many random things I collect on my kitchen bench, I don't even know what some of them are. So I chucked them. Now forgotten and more space.

I then went to the dinning room and got rid of everything on the floor. Lego and puzzle pieces. Some recycling and even pool table balls.

Then I went to the entry way.

I got rid of everything on the floor and swept up afterwards. The kids helped move all the shoes to the shoe cupboard, out of sight!

I tied up our glass table to only have things we want to show people, rather than the every day mail and junk we don't need here, even spoons!

I then moved to a deserted room. My husband moved his study out from there to a different room a few weeks ago but left his broken table and a cabinet. I have been thinking for a while now, how I want our books showcased and set them up one by one on top of the cabinet.

Then I took a photo of the now cleaned broken table and placed it on Gumtree for free. Within an hour, somebody wanted it and collected it, thank you. A great way to recycle.

I swept the floor and moved onto the next room. My children helped remove the furniture they used to create a fortress and I removed the collection of stuff we left on our table over the course of the week.

I then boxed up some toys that we can pull out when they are bored, as they didn't play with them anyway and I chucked away any toy that was broken or missing in its collection.

My husband tackled his garage and we all felt like this could be it. We could actually be getting our house sorted.

Afterwards, I couldn't believe it. I was walking through our home and it looked great! No longer would we have to hide our home from our friends.

And the cleaning is so much easier with out the junk.

Result of a day to declutter

A week later our home is still spacious. I was dubious that the next day our home would be a mess but a quick five minute tidy up was all it needed to stay clutter free!!

We are all appreciating the extra space, especially the one room with no furniture at all. There is nothing in it and for now I love it. I can easily add in a lounge suite but I don't want to. Its extra play space for the kids to ride their indoor bikes around or for me to dance in. It just extra space for when we want to use it and we can!

Have you tackled your clutter. What are your tips and mostly importantly, how did you feel afterwards?

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Styling a woman's personal study office

Okay, so I couldn't sleep and I thought ... Wouldn't it be great to style my own study room? So this is what I imagined ...

Unsure exactly, but one wall would be pink wallpaper... may be floral to make we feel lost in flowers. (Perfect for a romance writer, right?) 

Image result for pink white and gold wallpaper for walls

Image via: Pinterest

A grey dresser, with silver handles. Perfect for all of my paper work and creative brainstorming ideas.

Related image
Image via: Pinterest

A good sized white desk, the gold frame in this picture, I love, but would have to access if it would clash with my silver handles above. 

Image result for white study feminine table

Image via: Pinterest 

Wooden floors, may be a soft charcoal.
Related image
Image via: materialist.com

White blinds to add in more light into the room and soft white curtains (adding another touch of romance)
Image result for white blinds with white curtains
Image via: Pinterest

Complete with a stunning Chandelier. Normally, I like something grand and sparkling, but this one is quirky and non-traditional. 

Image result for glass chandelier

Image via: Shades of Light

What would your dream study look like?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Butler's pantry

The addition of a Butler's Pantry in homes

Image via: www.palladio.com.au

It appears butler's pantry a in the past few years have been all the rage and they are still a wow factor in a home.

So how do you add a butler's pantry to your already built home?

Obviously, it requires space and with your home already marked out, where do you find the space without adding an extension to your home?

It's about taking what you've got and thinking about how to redesign your space to include what you do want from your home and making it work.

A butler's pantry is like a walk in closet for your kitchen. Your kitchenware and glassware as well as a sink and more cutting space is provided just for you. I prefer to have one with a door to add the added elegance and ensure the kiddies stay out of it.

There seems to be lots of storage in the kitchen. Can you imagine being able to see everything when you open up a cupboard. Instead of seeing everything pushed on top of each other and even side ways just to fit?

Would you add a butler's pantry to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home? Comment below.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

New homes and new modern designs

Image via: McCarthy Homes 

Looking to renovate your home? This may help ... 

My husband and I love property, especially when we find something we have never seen before.

We were driving through a new area when we saw a village of display homes in the evening. All lit-up to showcase what they offered.

Find what you like and then add it to your home

We did discover something we absolutely love and could even try ourselves. Although, the concept may sound odd the result looked incredible and modern.


I know what you are thinking tiles on the floor sounds ordinary. No, these were black tiles on the outside pillars og the home and the result was incredible. We are not actively looking for a home but I would buy this home purely on its exterior look.

I did wonder about the dust though, so maybe on a dusty day we will see how the tiles hold up. Yet to be honest it was a winning draw card. Who does this? McCarthy homes do this. (Non-affiliate link)

In addition, we saw a steel or aluminium 3-5cm frame around the front entry render of the home. I loved it.

Even with seeing this for the first time, I thought I should find it weird but looking at it was pretty awesome and it "appears" and I use this word loosely that it could be easy to replicate for DIY to your own home.

We are lucky to have two pillars to the entry of our home. I am not sure if we would tile it, may be, however the steel frame would work well with it.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Minimalism in the home

Image via: Homesthetics

My husband and I were looking at house displays and I noticed that there is no clutter. "That's what we need in our house, more storage so everything has a place and there is no clutter," I said.

A few weeks later my husband says, "I think we are minimalists." 

I burst out laughing, "I don't think so." Thinking of the documentary, Minimalism.
(One of our favourite hobbies is to shop!)

Husband: "It's just in those house displays that's how we want our house to look but they have nothing in them, perhaps that's what we want, minimalism?"

It did make me think, the documentary were extreme encounters of people living as minimalists, noting they only spent what they could afford but more than that they only bought what they loved and only had enough of everything.

Where as, we would need storage to hold our clutter. We have a family, so having toys is a necessity. Plus, my hubby has a business from home, again more clutter and then just general living and tiredness from the day to put stuff away properly, equals mess.

However, as with most extremities like minimalism we could take what we want from it. For now, I think what would work is more storage as we have minimal storage, for every day items and uses. Once we have the right storage we could tame the amount of clutter we have and once those storage items are full, for example with toys, we can start de-cluttering.

A clean and tidy space makes more time for spending with the family and doing the things we love to do, then looking at the mess and feeling lost before we even begin!