Thursday, 22 December 2016

Outdoors no longer has to be bland

Interestingly, I used to dream about a big back yard and a pool. I believe 100% that every Australian needs a pool. (Hey pool companies, just so you know, I don't have a pool, so if you ever want me to copy write your websites, how about in exchange you build me a pool? Pretty good offer I say.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand ...

My husband told me that back yard's are actually becoming a big deal in upgrading. I didn't believe him, until I saw this program where they fully decked out someone's back yard and I am not talking about placing a couple of chairs in.

So I got designing my own back yard. It's a size-able yard, which is a nice rarity in some parts of Australia. So as you may know, I am not sure how, but I really want a pool. Like really want. So we always knew where we would put a pool. But then I thought, why not think BIG.

So I did ...

I'm talking a pool, a cabana, an in-built BBQ, a huge outdoor table and chairs, a thick border in some parts that would act as design yet be convenient for large seating arrangements. In addition to an in-ground fire pit with logs around it. Plus an outdoor lounge set and of course two lay down chaise seats and two high luxury style outdoor umbrella's.

I'm not finished ...

The dirt used to dig our pool, would then go to levelling our back yard so the other side could be used for sporting activities, such as baseball, hockey, basketball and the like!

Want a yard like this? I can send you my drawings! I want a yard like this. Honestly, if you ever need a yard to do for free for TV or whatever, can you choose mine. :D

How would you design your back yard?

Saturday, 5 November 2016



Written by Melanie Toye

Personally, I love storage. I don't nearly have enough right now, but I soon will.

Homes seem to never be built with enough storage. A home for a family of four, is lucky to have more than a double linen cupboard and a single or double cupboard for each bedroom, but it is not enough.

It isn't even enough, if only a couple lived there.

So I thought, instead of having everything lying around the home, we really need storage. We need storage inside and outside.

Inside, I day dream, of building an entire wall of beautiful white modern wall to floor storage, in one of our main living areas. This way, it is central to move all our stuff that is laying on the floor, in a place.

Here are some ideas:

Image result for storage for living room

Image via:

Image result for storage for living room with seat in middle

Image via: Pinterest

However, mine would be more modern. I would like more closed cupboards to hide the clutter but also, some opened space to decorate and look homely.

Mmm... this is the stuff I day dream about!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Interior design colour scheme for selling and living

Interior design colour scheme for selling and living 

A colour scheme is very important, however there are two thoughts when adding colour to your indoor walls and they are:

Are you about to sell your home or are you going to stay for a while?

These two questions are very important in deciding what colours to paint your walls, inside your home.

Colour choice when selling your home

For example, beige, cream, white walls are always a go-to colour when selling, this is because the light colour makes a room look larger and adds more light to the space. Some real estates beg to differ and will tell you not to waste your money on painting a new colour, because the new owners might want to paint over it anyway. As much as this is the case, if the bright, bold and mix-matching of colours are a bit of an eye-sore, there will be less people wanting to buy your property (because it's harder for them to imagine what it would look like with a new batch of paint) and potential buyers could drop the price by a minimum of $5,000 to pay for "professional painters". So ensuring the right colours are used when selling a property is good to be aware of it.

Wall colours to live in

In saying that painting your walls your own colours if you have just bought a property or are wanting to live in your property for a couple more years is a good idea. Painting your walls changes your home to suit your personality, style and taste. Plus, it adds to the layer of colour that you might want to highlight through other textures of furniture or decorations.

If you're a bit on the creative side, go a bit wild and paint a wall mural or add some funky wall paper, try something different, if it doesn't work, paint over it. (Except don't paint over the wall paper if it goes bad, just call in a professional).

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Interior Design: Your office space

Interior Design: Your office space

Written by Melanie Toye

Your office space, should be something that excites you, draws you in and gets you pumped and excited to work. However, this is not a time to go crazy on bright bold rainbow colours placed all around your space.

Importance of colour when designing your office space

Actually, lots of bright colours in heavy doses, can actually make you feel overwhelmed and lose your focus. 

Instead opt for calm, softer colours, like pastels and if you do love bright colours, add a touch (just a touch) of bright colour in one or two decorations. I.e. a white lamp, with a bright pink underneath the shade.

Design your office space to make it yours

Also, don't be afraid to add a little bit of creativity, flair and self in your space. After all, you are sitting there for long amounts of time a day. Any item you add to your space, must be something that will make you smile, every time you look at it. You will need this, in times of frustration, comfort and even joy. Examples, are goals, such as vision boards, daily affirmations and inspiring quotes with just as inspiring images.

Colour matching your office space

Colour code. For example, if you buy a lamp, a ruler, a pen holder and whatever else, to get the same colours with at least three decorative times, such as cream and grey and don't forget, three decorative items, like a lamp, vase and some arty piece will look even better together at different heights. 
Attraction to the eye, will make you feel better and more confident to start the day.

Long hours every day in the same space, needs to bring you as much joy as possible. 

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Interior Design: 5 tips to style any room

I love styling a room. For me though, I have so many different tastes. So, ideally, I would love to style different houses and housing styles, from traditional, to modern, to contemporary, to arty and anything in-between.

Here are five tips to style any room: 

1. Add your space shape within

Look at the space of the room, is it a square, rectangle or an odd shape?

Use your shape to highlight the space with the same shape objects to connect your room shape to the room style.

2. Be bold, with limitation

How can I add in a bold colour?

Use the bold/bright colour in the decorations. For example, instead of having the entire room red, from the walls to the furniture. Choose red decorations or one red cushion, with one red and white striped cushion to keep the room comfortable on the eye.

3. Add in a piece of treasure

How can I create a space of meaning?

Just like a wedding, it is really nice to add something to a room that means something special to you. This is your treasure. Finding a piece of treasure in each of your rooms, will bring memories and a smile to your face, every time.

4. Less is best

How do I make a peaceful room?

As the saying goes, too much clutter can cause you more stress than peace. Opt for the less is best strategy and only add in 80% of items that you were going to put in the room.

5. Have a place for everything

How do I walk into a room and feel good?

By having a place for everything, your room will remain clean and tidy, because you know where to put things. If you don't know where to put it, try the bin.

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