Sunday, 21 August 2016

Interior Design: 5 tips to style any room

I love styling a room. For me though, I have so many different tastes. So, ideally, I would love to style different houses and housing styles, from traditional, to modern, to contemporary, to arty and anything in-between.

Here are five tips to style any room: 

1. Add your space shape within

Look at the space of the room, is it a square, rectangle or an odd shape?

Use your shape to highlight the space with the same shape objects to connect your room shape to the room style.

2. Be bold, with limitation

How can I add in a bold colour?

Use the bold/bright colour in the decorations. For example, instead of having the entire room red, from the walls to the furniture. Choose red decorations or one red cushion, with one red and white striped cushion to keep the room comfortable on the eye.

3. Add in a piece of treasure

How can I create a space of meaning?

Just like a wedding, it is really nice to add something to a room that means something special to you. This is your treasure. Finding a piece of treasure in each of your rooms, will bring memories and a smile to your face, every time.

4. Less is best

How do I make a peaceful room?

As the saying goes, too much clutter can cause you more stress than peace. Opt for the less is best strategy and only add in 80% of items that you were going to put in the room.

5. Have a place for everything

How do I walk into a room and feel good?

By having a place for everything, your room will remain clean and tidy, because you know where to put things. If you don't know where to put it, try the bin.

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