Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Interior Design: Your office space

Interior Design: Your office space

Written by Melanie Toye

Your office space, should be something that excites you, draws you in and gets you pumped and excited to work. However, this is not a time to go crazy on bright bold rainbow colours placed all around your space.

Importance of colour when designing your office space

Actually, lots of bright colours in heavy doses, can actually make you feel overwhelmed and lose your focus. 

Instead opt for calm, softer colours, like pastels and if you do love bright colours, add a touch (just a touch) of bright colour in one or two decorations. I.e. a white lamp, with a bright pink underneath the shade.

Design your office space to make it yours

Also, don't be afraid to add a little bit of creativity, flair and self in your space. After all, you are sitting there for long amounts of time a day. Any item you add to your space, must be something that will make you smile, every time you look at it. You will need this, in times of frustration, comfort and even joy. Examples, are goals, such as vision boards, daily affirmations and inspiring quotes with just as inspiring images.

Colour matching your office space

Colour code. For example, if you buy a lamp, a ruler, a pen holder and whatever else, to get the same colours with at least three decorative times, such as cream and grey and don't forget, three decorative items, like a lamp, vase and some arty piece will look even better together at different heights. 
Attraction to the eye, will make you feel better and more confident to start the day.

Long hours every day in the same space, needs to bring you as much joy as possible. 

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