Saturday, 5 November 2016



Written by Melanie Toye

Personally, I love storage. I don't nearly have enough right now, but I soon will.

Homes seem to never be built with enough storage. A home for a family of four, is lucky to have more than a double linen cupboard and a single or double cupboard for each bedroom, but it is not enough.

It isn't even enough, if only a couple lived there.

So I thought, instead of having everything lying around the home, we really need storage. We need storage inside and outside.

Inside, I day dream, of building an entire wall of beautiful white modern wall to floor storage, in one of our main living areas. This way, it is central to move all our stuff that is laying on the floor, in a place.

Here are some ideas:

Image result for storage for living room

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Image result for storage for living room with seat in middle

Image via: Pinterest

However, mine would be more modern. I would like more closed cupboards to hide the clutter but also, some opened space to decorate and look homely.

Mmm... this is the stuff I day dream about!

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