Thursday, 22 December 2016

Outdoors no longer has to be bland

Interestingly, I used to dream about a big back yard and a pool. I believe 100% that every Australian needs a pool. (Hey pool companies, just so you know, I don't have a pool, so if you ever want me to copy write your websites, how about in exchange you build me a pool? Pretty good offer I say.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand ...

My husband told me that back yard's are actually becoming a big deal in upgrading. I didn't believe him, until I saw this program where they fully decked out someone's back yard and I am not talking about placing a couple of chairs in.

So I got designing my own back yard. It's a size-able yard, which is a nice rarity in some parts of Australia. So as you may know, I am not sure how, but I really want a pool. Like really want. So we always knew where we would put a pool. But then I thought, why not think BIG.

So I did ...

I'm talking a pool, a cabana, an in-built BBQ, a huge outdoor table and chairs, a thick border in some parts that would act as design yet be convenient for large seating arrangements. In addition to an in-ground fire pit with logs around it. Plus an outdoor lounge set and of course two lay down chaise seats and two high luxury style outdoor umbrella's.

I'm not finished ...

The dirt used to dig our pool, would then go to levelling our back yard so the other side could be used for sporting activities, such as baseball, hockey, basketball and the like!

Want a yard like this? I can send you my drawings! I want a yard like this. Honestly, if you ever need a yard to do for free for TV or whatever, can you choose mine. :D

How would you design your back yard?

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