Sunday, 15 January 2017

I am imagining ...

Interior designing a room

Image by: iStock

Don't judge a room by it's colour choice

I am imagining a pink room, not for a girl but for a woman. I personally love pink but not the baby pink for well, babies. Don't get judgement yet, read more to get the full picture and then decide how you feel. When you imagine never criticize because it is always for your advantage.

It's not all pink but the pink it's emphasized from the surrounding colours

My pink room would be a standard sized bed room. It would have a gloss dark gold pink main wall and a drop down chandelier. The bed would have a grey bedhead and a mosquito net hanging from the ceiling. The bedspread would be white with silver flashy cushions. A lounge chair, white again would be in the corner. Next to the windowsill. I would use dark pink satin fabric drop curtains from the double window.

When designing a bedroom, a walk-in robe should always be thought-out 

The walk in robe would have a smaller copy cat version chandelier. With a wall catered to accessories, shoes and handbags. At the back end it would have a table, mirror and draws storing make-up and hair accessories. On the other side of the wall would cater for the dressses and underneath them would be a wall of draws, holding the non-hangable clothes. At the top of the draw cabinets would be one long glass thin cabinet, with separate openings for jewellery, sunglasses, scarfs and belts.

Still want more? 

On the back of the door would host a stunning full length mirror with back stage actor lights all around it.

Sometimes all you need is to start with a colour to create a room design. 
What colour would you start with?