Friday, 10 February 2017

The beginnings of our kitchen renovation

Kitchen Reno anyone? 

My husband and I for the last few months have been considering buying a home to do up and sell. Then we thought why not renovate our own home first?

We have little DIY Reno experience but we do know what we like.

Costs of a new kitchen

We have always wanted to change our kitchen. The dark purple cupboards and purple bench top and curtains are just not our style. My husband was thinking we would need to spend $10-25k on a new kitchen. I suggested if we did it ourselves, we could actually spend a fraction of the price and get our hands dirty.

Designing our ideal kitchen

We decided we would go with what we want and start by changing our purple and light wood colours to a glossy white.

Pictures of our no-longer loved kitchen
(By a professional photographer)

Pictures of our new kitchen

(By me)


I did have doubts after I painted the back part of the kitchen, as the front was still the old kitchen and obviously it didn't match. In addition, when we bought the house, it came with these ugly thick purple curtains. It was not matching the new look.

How I made the kitchen match the rest of our home

On a whim, I removed the curtains. We have hedges out the back so privacy is not an issue. Immediately, I felt relieved. It was like bringing the outdoors in, plus more natural light and the space even looked bigger without these chunky ugly curtains hogging it.


Once you get started, you start to realise how much more you want to change for the better. We are now thinking of getting new handles for the cupboards, placing a new splashback on, changing the bench tops and removing the curtain rods in the dining room and entertainment room and painting those walls. And that is just the beginning.