Friday, 24 March 2017

Designing a full room from scratch

Space and storage is essential when designing

I love thinking about designing a space. Interior design isn't just about the furnishings it's the complete design from the type and style of flooring to the type of wall colours and features, the lighting, door designs, storage space and the furniture and furnishings to complete the look and feel you are aiming for.

Recently, my husband and I looked at some home designs and found space and utilisation of the space to be a winner in design as well as modernising the home.

For example, check out this ensuite:

A luxury ensuite

Unfortunately, I could not take a photo of the entire bathroom. But on either end of these long sinks were built-in wooden cupboards for storage space. I adore the taps here and the lighting. Plus the long mirror opens the rectangular space even more.

Did you see the fire place next to the bath? Nice. Plus the floor has floor heating. Do you see the tiles reach the ceiling? My husband (in pic) loves this aspect.

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