Monday, 10 April 2017

Minimalism in the home

Image via: Homesthetics

My husband and I were looking at house displays and I noticed that there is no clutter. "That's what we need in our house, more storage so everything has a place and there is no clutter," I said.

A few weeks later my husband says, "I think we are minimalists." 

I burst out laughing, "I don't think so." Thinking of the documentary, Minimalism.
(One of our favourite hobbies is to shop!)

Husband: "It's just in those house displays that's how we want our house to look but they have nothing in them, perhaps that's what we want, minimalism?"

It did make me think, the documentary were extreme encounters of people living as minimalists, noting they only spent what they could afford but more than that they only bought what they loved and only had enough of everything.

Where as, we would need storage to hold our clutter. We have a family, so having toys is a necessity. Plus, my hubby has a business from home, again more clutter and then just general living and tiredness from the day to put stuff away properly, equals mess.

However, as with most extremities like minimalism we could take what we want from it. For now, I think what would work is more storage as we have minimal storage, for every day items and uses. Once we have the right storage we could tame the amount of clutter we have and once those storage items are full, for example with toys, we can start de-cluttering.

A clean and tidy space makes more time for spending with the family and doing the things we love to do, then looking at the mess and feeling lost before we even begin!

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