Saturday, 15 April 2017

New homes and new modern designs

Image via: McCarthy Homes 

Looking to renovate your home? This may help ... 

My husband and I love property, especially when we find something we have never seen before.

We were driving through a new area when we saw a village of display homes in the evening. All lit-up to showcase what they offered.

Find what you like and then add it to your home

We did discover something we absolutely love and could even try ourselves. Although, the concept may sound odd the result looked incredible and modern.


I know what you are thinking tiles on the floor sounds ordinary. No, these were black tiles on the outside pillars og the home and the result was incredible. We are not actively looking for a home but I would buy this home purely on its exterior look.

I did wonder about the dust though, so maybe on a dusty day we will see how the tiles hold up. Yet to be honest it was a winning draw card. Who does this? McCarthy homes do this. (Non-affiliate link)

In addition, we saw a steel or aluminium 3-5cm frame around the front entry render of the home. I loved it.

Even with seeing this for the first time, I thought I should find it weird but looking at it was pretty awesome and it "appears" and I use this word loosely that it could be easy to replicate for DIY to your own home.

We are lucky to have two pillars to the entry of our home. I am not sure if we would tile it, may be, however the steel frame would work well with it.

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