Thursday, 18 May 2017

Butler's pantry

The addition of a Butler's Pantry in homes

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It appears butler's pantry a in the past few years have been all the rage and they are still a wow factor in a home.

So how do you add a butler's pantry to your already built home?

Obviously, it requires space and with your home already marked out, where do you find the space without adding an extension to your home?

It's about taking what you've got and thinking about how to redesign your space to include what you do want from your home and making it work.

A butler's pantry is like a walk in closet for your kitchen. Your kitchenware and glassware as well as a sink and more cutting space is provided just for you. I prefer to have one with a door to add the added elegance and ensure the kiddies stay out of it.

There seems to be lots of storage in the kitchen. Can you imagine being able to see everything when you open up a cupboard. Instead of seeing everything pushed on top of each other and even side ways just to fit?

Would you add a butler's pantry to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home? Comment below.