Sunday, 25 June 2017

Styling a woman's personal study office

Okay, so I couldn't sleep and I thought ... Wouldn't it be great to style my own study room? So this is what I imagined ...

Unsure exactly, but one wall would be pink wallpaper... may be floral to make we feel lost in flowers. (Perfect for a romance writer, right?) 

Image result for pink white and gold wallpaper for walls

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A grey dresser, with silver handles. Perfect for all of my paper work and creative brainstorming ideas.

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A good sized white desk, the gold frame in this picture, I love, but would have to access if it would clash with my silver handles above. 

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Wooden floors, may be a soft charcoal.
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White blinds to add in more light into the room and soft white curtains (adding another touch of romance)
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Complete with a stunning Chandelier. Normally, I like something grand and sparkling, but this one is quirky and non-traditional. 

Image result for glass chandelier

Image via: Shades of Light

What would your dream study look like?

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