Wednesday, 19 July 2017

This is how France does it

When you find something you love 

I bought this magazine, House & Garden because it ran a special, two for one. One was recipes which I never looked at but placed it to the chef in our household, my husband and the other, House & Garden for me.

That's what we do when we buy magazines right? We pamper ourselves with a little bit of promised relaxed time.

What I wasn't expecting, was to find something I absolutely love.

I opened to this page and just love, love, love this background (picture below). It is absolutely stunning and one day soon, in my dream home I will have a stone wall similar. I just absolutely love, love, love this stone wall. 

This is a hotel in France. Please let me come and stay and be whisked in this romantic setting forever. When I go to France I will be sure to come and visit and write a beautiful story inspired by this beautiful location.

The magazine also shows the interior designs of their rooms and every part is styled, from the walls to the ceiling and even sides of the wall to create a luxurious space like no other. 

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